VICKY CORNELL – Remote Activated Lights Signaled Chris’ Murder?

Over the past few weeks since the world learned of the tragic death of SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell, 52, the rock industry has been turned upside down trying to come to grips with the loss of one of its greatest all time talents. Cornell’s music sales have jumped 2,400 percent since the sad new broke and while fans continue to mourn, skeptics of Vicky Cornell’s version of events remain steadfast in direct opposition to the recent ruling on the case as ‘suicide’.

Now that it has been established via TMD’s closer inspection of the autopsy that Chris had over half a dozen rib fractures at the time he died, it’s obvious the late musician suffered extensive internal injury not typically associated with the ruling of ‘suicide by hanging’.

How could a body “partially suspended” from a hotel door possibly crack so many rib bones?

Did the bodyguard drop him down to the ground accidentally when he pulled him off the door?

And then fall on top of him afterward? Is the bodyguard an unofficial member of The Three Stooges?

It does not make any sense at all.

Even performing CPR with improper technique would not cause this amount of damage.

Why did the autopsy report mention the bodyguard performing CPR on Chris when it was never reported before in the media that he did? It was reported that the medic did it in media reports, but the medic is not mentioned performing CPR in the autopsy report? Why is that?

There are so many unanswered questions. Yet one question that needs to be answered the most is perhaps the most obvious one of them all?

                                    Why does Vicky Cornell keep changing her story?

“I did not talk to him… I did talk to him… he was fine… he was not fine. Which is it?”

And Jesus Christ Pose, never before in the history of a rock star death has one widow been so out in front of the story and in the public eye as Vicky Cornell. Why didn’t this woman ever take any time to properly mourn her husband’s death like most humans do? I don’t know, maybe go radio silent for at least a week or two before you start jamming your foot down all of our throats from every possible angle with what seems to be nothing but one tale of fiction after the next.

Is it because Vicky Cornell knows she has to stay in control of the narrative or chance being figured out by the authorities?

Her story has not only changed several times over the past few weeks on critical details but now the narrative she is trying to sell everyone completely flys in the face of reality.

And it seems like every day since the day Chris died this woman is making a bolder statement to outdo the last one in the press or pushing a totally new narrative that she says everyone else got wrong, despite the fact that this professional publicity expert has been the one and only spokesperson for the family controlling the story to the media.

According to internet sleuth NiklussiX, there is a huge discrepancy in Vicky’s story to police:

“Vicky alleges that she spoke to Chris at 11:35 pm and had asked her husband why he had remotely activated the lights in their home. According to Vicky’s own words, Chris said that he was just messing around and that he had remotely activated the lights in their home an hour ago. this statement would bring us back to 10:35 pm. Chris was still on stage singing at 10:35 pm… and Chris did not end the concert until 11:15.”

So is Vicky going to come out next and try and change the “lights” timeline that she herself gave to the police? Don’t be shocked if she does.

NiklussiX theory continues:

“Could that remote activation of the lights at the Cornell home really have happened later than she claims? Could that remote activation of the lights have really been a signal from Chris’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, to Vicky, to let her know the job was done and Chris was dead. If this remote activation took place after 12 am then Chris would have been deceased and could not activate the lights using his phone. There are records that show when that activation took place and we’d love to get our hands on those.”

While Vicky appears to be smooth sailing to the finish line, this case remains opened, and it is TMD’s belief that there’s now a stronger chance than ever that Vicky Cornell will become one of the prime suspects in what could be soon turned into a homicide case by the Detroit police department.




7 comments to VICKY CORNELL – Remote Activated Lights Signaled Chris’ Murder?

  • Julie K Wichterman

    A BIG THANK YOU for finally getting this information out there for everyone to see! Also you may want to find out where Martin Kirsten has disappeared to?. I just want to see the murders of Chris be dealt with. Please continue your search for the TRUTH! Thank you again.

  • Barbara Dolby

    I have read so much and listened to so many, her story is full of holes! Where the hell were his ‘friends’ when they noticed he was ‘off’? Why didn’t anyone step up and try and help him? Why did his ‘wife’ pay for the ‘bodyguard ‘ to leave the country? Why isn’t anyone questioning why he had 7 broken ribs? Why isn’t anyone questions why people have noticed a bald spot in the back of his head during the concert? Why is the ‘mother in law’ jumping all over Eddie Vedder? This story stinks to high heaven! They will put this on the back burner if Vicky has her way! Don’t let it happen! He was such a talented man! Loved his kids! Don’t let this go like all of the other ‘deaths’! Keep questioning and make it stay in the front!

  • Margierose Salerno

    All I can say is!!! WOW!!!!!

  • Katnic

    Thank you thank you!!! I’m so glad to see others feel this was a murder as I have since it happened. Did the ME determine the time of death?

  • Missy

    So if VK was in Miami and CC was in Detroit, then there is a difference in time zones to be considered.

    Ribs are fractured routinely during CPR. In fact, it’s more likely to fracture than not to, even with perfect placement.

    • rocket1970

      Not 9 of them! IT DON’T HAPPEN!! – ROCKET

  • Renee Young DeCamillis

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’re doing!!! I can’t say thank you enough. I’ve been saying all of this about Chris’s death since day one–Vicky and Martin are the prime suspects in a murder case that is far from over. I tried to get the word out there in a blog I wrote on May 30th on my WordPress ( ), but my voice is much too small to be heard by the masses. So, I am extremely thankful to you for all you are doing to find justice for Chris Cornell. We, the fans, need to be his voice now that his voice has been silenced. Justice for Chris!!!


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