ROCKET REVIEW: DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” (CD)

Houston, Texas heavy metal act, DEADHORSE, has self-released a new album in 2017 entitled “The Beast That Comes”, a rocking collection of twelve tracks that will surely find its way to the top of many critics list of best metal albums in 2017. Kicking off with the slamming “How We Rot”, that throws down an absolutely killer groove, thanks to the awesome rhythm section of bassist Allen “Alpo” Price and drummer Ronnie Guyote. There is even a well placed guitar solo that helps take it to the next level for sure. The next tracks “So I Die”, “Gifts Of Eden”, and “The Breaking Of Spirit”, thankfully don’t slow down the surging momentum, as the brutality in music continues with the next set of totally crushing songs: “Kill The Infidel”, featuring psycho sounding death growl vocals by lead singer Argo, “Beat On The Brat”, a smoking hot RAMONES cover, the speeding like a bullet fast “HorseCore”, and pummeling “A Loaded Gun”.

The guitar playing by Greg Martin and Scott Sevall is undoubtedly heavier than 9 out of 10 bands playing in rock music today. The jamming all over the frets bass playing by “Alpo” is worth the price of admission alone. I love it when you can actually hear the part the bassist is playing even with two guitarists. Most bands do not know how to properly mix the bass in their music. Just ask Metallica about “And Justice For All”.

The album concludes with the savagery of “Let Me Drink”, “A Death Of Nothing”, and the absolutely brilliant closer “Train Ride”. Fans of old school punk and thrash, most notably the bigger crossover names like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, BEOWULF, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will definitely want to add this masterpiece to their collection.



DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” (CD)
(Self Released/2017)

1. How We Rot
2. So I Die
3. Gifts Of Eden
4. The Breaking Of Spirit
5. The Beast That Comes
6. Kill The Infidel
7. Beat On The Brat
8. HorseCore
9. A Loaded Gun
10. Let Me Drink
11. A Death Of Nothing
12. Train Ride


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