ROCKET Interviews Allen Price of DEADHORSE

ROCKET: Where were you born and raised?ALLEN: I was born and raised in Pasadena Texas, a suburb of South Houston. The same man that delivered me delivered my daughter there 22 years later. I was born in the same hospital my mother passed away in. Was a small town back then but now is in the underbelly of Houston.

ROCKET: Did you grow up in a family with a musical background?

ALLEN: My father played clarinet as a child and sang and played piano. Could not really keep time all that well though. But he was a skilled dental surgeon and mother was a dental hygienist, not musical at all. However, my mother had a great since of humor and was really my support system as far as music was concerned. Both my parents were graduates of the University of Texas, all my Uncles were service members and either doctors or lawyers, so the bar was set high. Needless to say my choice to play music was not received well by the majority of my family.

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ROCKET: Where were you born and raised?
DUSTON: I was born and raised in North West Indiana, I have moved about in the area over the years, and I have finally settled down in LaPorte Indiana which is North West Indiana all the same I have never ventured far from here…lol
ROCKET: Does anyone in your family besides yourself have a musical background?
DUSTON: Well my great grandfather on my Mom’s side was a violin maker, other than that very little, more artist and story writers like my Mom. That is what she does.  She is a painter, and she loves writing poetry, and stories.
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