MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

I have uncovered more damning evidence that implicates the U.S. government in outright murderous treason against its own citizens. I will prove without a doubt, based off forensic science and other irrefutable facts, that the Las Vegas Massacre was a CIA MK Ultra operation that involved two shooters, not one.

As well, I will prove once and for all that the CIA is also involved in the murder of late SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell.

I believe both operations have been carried out as part of the ‘fear based mind control’ agenda that the shadow government, also known as The Illuminati, put in place back in the nineteen fifties to psychologically control the masses as part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. And they are indeed operating sick, depraved child trafficking rings, all over the place. This is no joking matter.


The mass raping and killing of kids worldwide, connected to the Vatican, the Pope, as well as many powerful players in Washington D.C., Hollywood, the mainstream news media and the music business, is literally ‘exterminating’ the lives millions of innocent children around the world.

It’s well known rockers Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp are Satanic warlocks and are very close friends. Each have studied the Luciferian teachings of Anton LaVey for over 20 years.

“You say GOD, and I say SATAN!” These are the words shock rocker Marilyn Manson sings in his new song “Say10”.

Marilyn Manson also went on the record to say that he is going to start a new child version of Tinder for dating… called ‘Kinder’. I wish this was a joke. But it is not. This is as real as it gets people. Watch your kids around him, that’s all I am going to say.

A music video featuring Manson and Depp just premiered the other day. It is the most Satanic,
anti-Christian message currently out there. The online fans worship this devil sermon without question.

Manson stated about the video: “After the the balloons have all shriveled up and are swallowed in the puddles of puke and idealism, don’t look to Me for sympathy. I am here to be all that I am accused of not being. And to be blamed for what you made Me.

“The shots you will hear are from a mouth disguised as a gun. Don’t call this art. This is a hard cock in a room full of vampires and the music, man. The music is My foul blood on your faces.”

Gun expert The Health Ranger proves the conspiracy theory of the Las Vegas massacre is true via his own analysis of the bullet acoustics, determining exactly how many shooters there were at the Las Vegas massacre and the distance they fired their weapons from:

“In essence, because of the differences in the speed of sound vs. the speed of the bullets from a known cartridge (.223 Remington, in this case), the time lag between the last bullet hitting the pavement and the last audible report of the rifle muzzle can be used to very accurately calculate the range of the shooter.


More importantly, when the audio from the Las Vegas shooting is analyzed, it reveals TWO shooters operating at the same time, not just one shooter. Shooter #1 is operating at 425 – 475 yards, which is consistent with the Mandalay Bay hotel, but shooter #2 is operating at approximately 250 – 270 yards.”

This is supported by a witness after the concert who said that they heard a second shooter on the ground approaching their direction.

Truther Sonny Cardona of Truth Never Sleeps channel proved country singer Jason Aldean was a part of the Illuminati’s evil predictive programming. I mean, it is pretty damn obvious he was a part of the ‘false flag’ because he just ran off the stage like he already knew what was happening. He showed zero confusion or compassion for the crowd. He gave no warning to anybody from the stage once he knew bullets were flying. And then next thing you know ‘they’ turn the floodlights on the crowd. As if they weren’t already sitting ‘dead ducks’, right?

That was a dead giveaway for me that it was a CIA hit job.


In Cardona’s video, he shows that Aldean has the Illuminati Jack/Ace in the same suit as the infamous Illuminati card game on his arm.

Sonny continues, providing his background and his belief that the Las Vegas massacre was a false flag event carried out by the U.S. government:

“I am a believer in the most high and the one and only true savior Jesus Christ. I have been a teacher and a preacher for over a decade helping my brothers and sisters wake up to the corrupt world system. …With the Las Vegas massacre nobody can fight me, 100% the predictive programming is there.”

Why is the U.S. government killing innocent Americans? Why is the mainstream news media involved in a massive cover up?
Why does the shadow government keep killing rock stars?

All this massive evidence I have brought forth to the media over the past 4 months in my worldwide acclaimed independent Chris Cornell death investigation, and they have the damn nerve to say I am writing “fake news”?

Think about it. Chris Cornell’s ‘suicide’ is the biggest hoax in rock music, along with Chester Bennington’s staged death. The mainstream media has lied to you about everything for decades.

WAKE UP. How much more proof do any of you need at this point?

Too much blood. Head trauma. Signs of struggle. 9 fractured ribs. Cold to the touch during CPR.
The facts are the facts, man. Chris Cornell was killed and then sacrificed… just like his friend
Chester Bennington.

And why is Tom Delonge collaborating with Podesta of all people? Oddly, Linkin Park and Blink 182 had scheduled shows together before Chester Bennington was suicided by the cabal.

The Wikileaks emails disclosed between Delonge and Podesta is real. This is not fake news. Why would those two be tied so close together?
Are they both lovers involved in the child trafficking ring? And like the “pizza” references for child sex parties are they also using “alien” lingo to cover up their vile pedophile activity together?

Last year, DNC employee Seth Rich was shot to death on the street after leaking this info to the public.

The stranger thing is earlier this year there was a report that came out where Delonge claimed to bust a pedophile ring, yet no names came out of the perpetrators.
It seems to me like Podesta and Delonge are involved in something really big with Jeff Bezos.

I reported earlier about the ‘House of Horrors’ Bezos purchased that is purportedly going to be the new home for DNC events AKA “pizza parties”, where more young kids will possibly get molested and killed.

An online “truther” named Titus Frost posted a video about my Bezos article and it was pulled down by YouTube – now I understand his channel is on the verge of being shut down entirely.

I have experienced a ton of censorship on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube since I began to break all these stories, yet through a non stop onslaught my work has still been exposed to hundreds of millions over the past 4 months alone… all around the planet. So despite raping me of my right to free speech, I am still dominating the rock journalism world, because the world needs a damn hero at this point, don’t you think?

Save The Children!

Unlike the rest of the stupid rock media, I actually made a request recently for Chester’s autopsy report via the California Public Records act. It is amazing to me that nobody else in the media made the request in the past 2 months. What is the problem? Is there something to hide in the report? Did they really do an autopsy or are they just saying they did?

If there is ‘nothing here to see… move along’ then there should be no problem with me reviewing it, right?

Well now by law ‘they’ have essentially 2 weeks to respond to my request. It will be interesting to
see what kind of response I get.

Vicky Cornell recently flew out to meet with the medical examiner in Detroit, Michigan, to purportedly lobby a case that her husband was somehow ‘pushed’ to kill himself due to Ativan being in his system.

Yet, all anyone has to do is look at the toxicology report numbers.

Chris had .000041 mg in his system. So he had less than suggested therapeutic dose in his system at time of death, according to the report.
And just like the horror movie clown, IT, that chases down little kids and forces them to have orgies, shock rocker Marilyn Manson is a joker of darkness that is more dull than frightening at this point.
Although, he wants you to know that his people in the Illuminati know where you live. So you better be careful. The last person you want visiting your house on Halloween is this wannabe bad guy, right?

Keep in mind, one of the other song titles on Manson’s new studio album is “KILL4ME”.

MK Ultra by way of the CIA is a clandestine program carried out on unwitting citizens for the past five decades, including the JFK assassination and now all the way up to the Las Vegas Massacre false flag event.

I recall seeing Marilyn Manson in concert myself at Ozzfest 2003 and he was dressed in a Mickey Mouse outfit complete with the big ears.

As I previously reported about the infamous Walt Disney and his alleged pedophile history, Disneyland’s Club 33 is believed to be a front for elite pedophile activity. It is well documented that Walt Disney himself was a handler for the CIA and groomed many child stars for the cameras while sexually abusing them behind the scenes.

“In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.”

“Trump soon became a household name, with his colorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.”

The ‘support for Trump’ by the Rothschild’s is not a big secret.

After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.

This was detailed in a Bloomberg article from March 22, 1992:

“The connection between Baron Edmond de Rothschild, being one of the original principle investors of Resorts International, and Rothschild Inc. allowing Donald Trump to retain “ownership” over the Atlantic City casinos, which saved him from bankruptcy, should not be considered a coincidence. Donald Trump landed on his feet when ironically the real estate market in New York turned and his wealth increased dramatically once more. From there the Trump Empire continued to roll forward and eventually expanded its brand into the realm of reality television, the newest method of socioeconomic and cultural engineering.

Let us not forget the significance of the Rothschilds family, the bloodline formerly known, among other names, as the Bauers, one of the most notorious black occult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. They became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German) in the 18th century when the financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by one Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who was working in league with the Illuminati.”

Apparently they took their name from the red shield or hexagram/Star of David on the front of their house in Frankfurt.

The Star of David or Seal of Solomon is an ancient esoteric symbol and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds took it over and adopted it for themselves. It has no connection to “David” or “Solomon”, as Jewish historical sources confirm.




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