DEADHORSE – Seeking A Record Label

In this modern age of social media, digital audio, and streaming video, with screen time out pacing scene time, we asked: What could a record label do for us? Releasing our 1st self financed cassettes and LPs in the 1980s (1989) allowed our music to rapidly crawl from the bayous of the chemical coast, to the far off lands of South America, Canada and Europe. Not long after that we signed with Big Chief Records which allowed dead horse music to flow through Metal Blade to Warner Brothers to worldwide distribution.

Well those days are gone for Us and unfortunately gone for a majority of labels as well. So much has changed since those days, however one big thing has not. Being on a record label has always brought a certain amount of prestige and respect in the industry, that alone can open doors normally slammed in a bands face. For instance, we remember being back stage at the ’96 Pantera / White Zombie show in Houston, Tx. the night before Phillip O.D.ed. in Dallas. Dime (w/Rex) told us that dead horse would have been on the tour IF we still had been signed to a label, not EyeHateGod. (Big Chief was lost to a cocaine induced bankruptcy).

So, what can dead horse do for a label? Like always, the one thing they want, make them money…plain and simple. Anyone that has been to a dead horse show knows, we sell a lot of merchandise and that include CDs, DVDs and LPs. And frankly, dead horse is a Texas staple, right by the Hot Sauce and BBQ sauce. Furthermore, what do we want from a record label? Pretty simple, partners in crime, team players and a support squadron. In any successful organization there is a team of professionals that support the mission till it is accomplished. But as stated before, the respect and prestige that comes with being on a reputable label can be worth more then most bands will ever realize. Dead Horse will see what the year end brings , with the release of new dead horse music and great shows through the south, THE BEAST THAT COMES out September 30th.

The vision for dead horse the next 18 months is simply go big , do as much as you can, while you can. Each member of the band is frankly, freaked out about how bad ass the new album is. There is a lot of depth and emotion in this new music. Argo did an amazing job on the lyrics and vocals, that is something that needed to be a strong hallmark of the new V3 horse era. All of us at some point let our own styles mold with that of our mentors and it flowed through our strings through, these songs like we never could have imagined. There is a spirit to this album, just like legendary ones of the past. This has been the most organized time in the history of this band and this record is gonna be great!! One our big goals is to get on the 70,000 tons of Metal tours. We have got to become Festival minded and break out of Texas. We need to go to the East Coast, West Coasts and Canada again. Plus we need go to Mexico and South America. More goals would be playing with bands like Down, C.O.C., Lamb Of God, Slayer, and Napalm Death. What ever the future brings though, we know that we will be having fun, we will be raising hell and we will be “Horsecore for Life”!


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  • Milo Graves

    I am so fuckin elated that you guys have kept one of MY all time favorite bands going after all these years.It is because of you that I started playing here in Houston with high hopes that one day I could be where you guys are,a Houston legend! Everything that y’all have done is gold to my ears and I’m ecstatic that we get a new album from deadhorse here in the soon approaching future.Thank you;Alpo, Greg,Ronny,Argo,and Scott for sharing your music with the world and myself!


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