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One thing that all of these videos have in common, besides dead horse, is the great dead horse team of Mike Lucas, Garrett McCall and Tim Gerron. These 3 individuals have contributed greatly to the resurrection and rebirth of dead horse, for many years prior to and since 2011. Along with the great Art of Craig Holloway (Pasadena Napalm Division, Making a dead horse LIVE and The Beast That Comes) dead horse has created a new legacy to rival that of the original quartet (1988-1994).

Breaking of Spirit:

Mike Lucas, along with Alpo, have laid out all of the releases since 2011: Making a Dead Horse LIVE (DVD), the Loaded Gun (EP), BOILs (2016 Edition), Day of The Dead Horse (2 CD Anthology) and the new “The Beast That Comes” LP & CD. Lucas also edited and formatted the MADHL DVD and edited all of these Videos, including the PND videos. None of this would have been possible if not for the strong dedication of Garrett McCall who has been a videographer for deadhorse since the 1990s. His footage was used on all these videos (except How We Rot and The Braking of Spirit filmed by Dave TV Prewitt). Rounding out these three musketeers is Tim Gerron who has engineered and produced dead horse since 1994s “Feed Me” EP. The band met Tim at the Backroom in Austin in the early 90s when he became there live sound engineer before his fellowship at Westlake Audio in Hollywood. And that is how the old horse corpse rots.

How We Rot:

Leading up to this anticipated release, dead horse released this video from the lead track on “The Beast That Comes”. This was filmed in Austin Texas at “Come and Take It Live” by Dave TV (Prewitt). This energetic masterpiece is sure to become A Horsecore classic. It deputed shortly after the animated “Beat on the Brat” video by Daniel Peck.

Beat on the Brat:

“Let Me Drink” an additional freestyle old school live video from the “Loaded Gun” EP has also been in the night that led up to Horsecore’s release. This was recorded in the summer of 2014 but never release. It and sat on a shelf forgotten until the release of the bass-heavy “Loaded Gun” songs “The Beast That Comes”.

Let me Drink:

All of these videos were the prelude to this conclusion video made at the Scout Bar in South Houston. We Are “Horsecore” is the mantra of a teen dead horse fan who tells his story about going to see deadhorse in the late 80s and early 90s. A song that was inspired by dead horse and written to connect the love of the core and rush of the moment with the fans of the band a bridge that many bands of this longevity fail to maintain, but is the pride of the dead horse members!

(We Are) Horsecore :

Additional video of Pasadena Napalm Division ” Murder the Bearded Lady Killer” created and edited by Mike Lucas:
Dead Horse YouTube Channel:



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