DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” Album Coming Sep 15!

The long awaited follow up to the 2014 “Loaded Gun” E.P. is here. DEAD HORSE prepare to drop “The Beast That Comes” September 15th on their own brand. “The Beast That Comes” has fangs and blood red eyes. Blasting off with the melodic masterpiece “How We Rot”, dead horse once again demonstrates why they are among the best crossover-thrash-core bands ever to crawl from the bayous. With crisp clear vocals, pulsating drums, forceful bass and the wailing tight guitars, this album will leave you ridden hard and put up wet.

One of the album’s most distinguished songs, “Gifts of Eden” pivots to a rhythmic and more refined atmosphere for dead horse. Exploring the origins of humanity, the song builds up into a monument of torment, anguish and fire. The Clarity of the tones on “Gifts of Eden” demonstrate the artist ability of the engineer and co-producer Tim Gerron, who has worked with dead horse since 1992. The album was tracked live, as all dead horse has been, to capture the performance raw, pure and most powerful forms. Dead Horse still maintain the old tongue-in-cheek, “hint hints, say no more” humor with songs like, “Kill The Infidel”, “Horsecore” and “Beat on the Brat”, this album has it all and more! The tones and tempos, topics and talent delivered here show that the rotting horse has aged well. You will be pleased and inspired, entertained if not delighted… all that shit tough guy, you got it PUNK?

Dead Horse will be launching this release with videos for “Horsecore”, “Beat on the Brat” and “The Beast That Comes”, followed by one for “How We Rot” in the coming months. And YES, “The Beast” will “Come” on 12” Vinyl disks. Rounding out September dead horse will be in Austin Sept 22nd ending the month with Sacred Reich in Houston on Sept 30th. Following that dead horse have tons of shows all over Texas, Louisiana and the southern regions scheduling out into next year. Join the Horsecore and pick up a copy on presale today, and “Feel the Heavy” that is dead horse.

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