CHRIS CORNELL – Was He Being Abused By His Wife?

TMD has learned that back on Feb 6, 2017, a cryptic post was shared via the late Chris Cornell’s official Facebook account. It read:

“He is a worried Moon and is afraid of what is to come.”

Although they are lyrics from one of his solo songs entitled “Worried Moon”, it’s now believed that the troubled rock star was suffering from both serious emotional and physical abuse in the final year of his life. Don’t worry, TMD has strong evidence to back up this claim.

Was Chris Cornell trying to send everyone a message before he died on May 18th in Detroit after a SOUNDGARDEN concert?

Or was it someone else who posted that message?

It is not yet known if Vicky Cornell did have access to her husband’s profile at that time but looking at how Chris Cornell’s Facebook account has been taken over completely by the family currently, along with his Twitter, where many feel Chris’ ‘mother’s day tweets were faked’ – it only fits with how this woman seems to want to have controlled the narrative all along.

Here are Chris Cornell’s own words about ‘warning signs’:

“Warning signs are pretty much always the same leading up to a genocide. We have the ability as a global community to pre-empt that, if we’re paying attention and we’re not allowing our leaders to politicize it and get away with it.”

Sure, Chris was talking about a much bigger picture than himself (the Armenian Genocide), but he was undoubtedly right in saying all anyone needs to do is look for the ‘warning signs’, right?

It is it possible Vicky Cornell has been planting ‘strategic’  posts going this far back as a way to get everyone to believe Chris committed suicide, despite ‘acting’ for the media like she is shocked by that ruling?

We all know she has brought these questions upon herself. Remember how she changed her story?

“Chris was fine on the phone..” to “He sounded aggressive and out of it.”

Looking closer at a portion of “Worried Moon” song lyric’s by Chris Cornell:

Yeah if it all goes wrong
And I’m a heart without a home
Maybe you can talk me out
Of doing myself in

Suicide... we get it! So as it stands these lyrics would be the perfect proof one would need to believe the theory that the man was suicidal, right?

That is why TMD believes that this post was not made by Chris Cornell.

It is TMD’s belief it was posted by Vicky.

Just like how more and more people are wondering about the “remote lights” scenario Vicky told police.  Did she actually instruct the bodyguard to remotely activate the lights when Chris was dead as a signal?

Think about it. If the late rocker was under a lot of sedatives during his last months of life, anyone close to him could have posted content on his profile without him being aware of it. The rocker was turned into a literal wandering zombie in his final days. Knowing what we all know now, it’s definitely possible someone was planting posts during Chris’ final year alive in an effort to throw everyone off the trail of a potential homicidal maniac that may be responsible for ending his time here on earth.

TMD has also uncovered a startling fact about the late rocker. Chris seems to have had a chunk of his hair pulled out in some kind of altercation prior to his final concert.

Look at the above screenshot to see a clear view of the missing hair during his final show.

Then take a look at the shot below that which was from a concert three days before the final gig.

Notice how Chris has a full head of hair? Look closely at the photo above and the other one provided
under it. Miraculously within 72 hours a ton of his hair just went missing.

Was Chris being physically abused by somebody?

It’s hard to believe he would pull out his own hair. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Because if he was indeed doing self inflicted harm to himself leading up to the ‘ruled suicide’ would his very own wife Vicky not have seen there was something seriously wrong with the man and not allow him to even set one foot on that stage in Detroit?

Why would his personal bodyguard Martin Kirsten not notify Vicky there was a serious problem with the musician?

Instead we are supposed to just accept the story that Chris received well over a half dozen rib fractures at the time he died due to such violent and forceful CPR chest compressions executed so poorly and out of proper position that his chest was bound to sustain such injury?

And if Chris Cornell was in so much ‘trouble’ why didn’t his loving wife check him into a mental health facility or drug treatment program?

TMD also reported via THE ROCKET REPORT podcast yesterday that a relative of Chris’ claimed in an online post after he was found dead that the late rocker was being taken advantage of by Vicky and her mother because of his wealth.

So let the  question be asked again… WHY was he not helped?

Instead… Chris was thrown out to the wolves.

During his final concert, Chris appeared to be bewildered and scared at times as he literally ‘wobbled’ around the stage in a desperate attempt to complete the set, and the singer’s once incredible four octave range was replaced by an extremely rare ‘pitchy’ voice. Upon closer examination of some still shots of the video, it seems the truth resides in the legendary rocker’s eyes.

Chris Cornell not only appears to be truly haunted by something, but he almost looks to be crying out for help.

According to the science of body language:

“Raising the arms lifts something up. Done rapidly, it throws things into the air. With both arms, it exaggerates it further. A typical two-arm-raising gesture is frustration, as everything that is weighing the person down with confusion is thrown up into the air.”

It is possible Chris Cornell already knew he was tied up in something way over his head?

And if the bodyguard Martin Kirsten was paid to protect Chris why did he give him more Ativan?

The toxicology report showed Chris had 4 Ativan pills in his system, mixed with another powerful barbiturate.

According to licensed addiction specialist Amy Brown:

“So, the dangers of mixing Valium and Ativan are the same as mixing any CNS depressants. You can very easily die. Stay with me – I’ll explain.

CNS depressants include alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates and opioids.

If you mix two CNS depressants, your body responds as though you’ve had two of each. This is a really unusual situation where 1+1= 4. Honest.

Now your judgment is seriously impaired. You gladly have another drink or snort or shoot some more.

So you’ve doubled or quadrupled (or worse) your intended intake.

At best, you’ve also doubled ( or quadrupled or worse) the potentially serious and lethal side-effects of CNS depressants.

CNS depressants slow down your breathing. If you stop breathing, you die.”

Was Chris intentionally overdosed by his handlers before his final concert and then ‘partially suspended’ from the door in his hotel bathroom afterward, once he was strangled unconscious?

Fans recently launched a petition to force this case to be reexamined.

Join the cause HERE.

This petition will be delivered to: Dr. Werner Spitz.





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