CHRIS CORNELL: Expert: Not Enough Damage To Door Latch!

TMD has obtained what is undoubtedly the most damning expert testimony to date in the ongoing
death investigation for late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell. The expert locksmith and former 28 year veteran of law enforcement who was contacted directly on the phone, confirmed after being shown a visual demonstration of the damage (or lack thereof) done to the door of room #1136 that there is foul play involved.

If Martin Kirsten, the bodyguard hired to protect Chris, actually kicked through the hotel door to force
entry as he claims this expert offered the following response:

“I would expect more visible damage around the latch area, whether or not the deadbolt was thrown.”

So that proves in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt that Martin Kirsten is not telling the truth when it comes to claiming he kicked through a steel reinforced door to try and save his boss, rock legend Chris Cornell, because there would be a lot more breakage to the door latch and the door frame.

This is not rocket science. This is common sense.  Look at that latch yourself. It has not sustained hardly any real noticeable trauma. What does that tell us? That means it was NOT broken through.

However, perhaps an even more damning piece of evidence to debunk the entire fabricated suicide story
is the fact that reportedly there was NO FORCED ENTRY observed by Detroit Police at the original scene!

According to this forensic mag report, staged suicides happens more often than people realize, and that police can easily be fooled by smart killers:

…”There are seven common mistakes in suicide investigations that could be providing murderers with a chance to get away with their crime, he wrote in Law and Order Magazine in 2013. Too many detectives assuming the case is a suicide is a major foible. Every death needs to be considered as a well-plotted and concealed homicide, he writes. Investigators need to consider the victimology of the dead. Most importantly, they need to consider all the psychological and physical evidence in its totality, and take each factor of the scene and the death to its ultimate conclusions.”

The interesting part of the police report from Detroit is the fact that Martin Kirsten claims Chris’ wife was “angry” at her husband for hanging up with her on the phone and that is when she sends him over to check on him… but it takes 40 minutes? And the bodyguard is two doors down the hallway. But Detroit Press changed it to Vicky was “distraught”. Seems like someone that was truly in fear for the safety of their husband would act more responsibly either way, right?

And the bodyguard goes against his own company motto of protecting the client AT ALL TIMES?

Not only does it fly in the face of what he based his own operation standards on but it defies all logic.

If there was ever a time where Chris, who according to his wife was ‘slurring his words’ and potentially relapsing, needed the assistance of his bodyguard it was in room #1136 at  fifteen til midnight on May 17th not two doors down watching TV back in his own room.



2 comments to CHRIS CORNELL: Expert: Not Enough Damage To Door Latch!

  • Kim Kelley

    Rock On Randy Rocket Cody!! Thanks for the info!!

  • Theresa

    When I saw the “crime scene photos” of the door and lock and the lack of damage, my first thought was that either the photos were staged or as long suspected, the door lock was never engaged to begin with. Or both. From Martin’s statement of having to kick the door multiple times, there would have had to have been significant more damage to not just the strike plate, but also where the lock is attached to the door. I’m no expert but it’s only obviously.
    Detroit really fucked up this investigation. Or, maybe they were paid off to dismiss this case as suicide. Either way, I’ve known from the very moment I heard he died that it wasn’t suicide. Like you, it’s just something you KNOW deep in your heart.
    Thank you, Randy, for fighting for Chris and for fighting for the truth! You are appreciated more than you can possibly know, by those that love Chris and want the truth. We stand behind you 100%.
    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


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