DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” Album Coming Sep 15!

The long awaited follow up to the 2014 “Loaded Gun” E.P. is here. DEAD HORSE prepare to drop “The Beast That Comes” September 15th on their own brand. “The Beast That Comes” has fangs and blood red eyes. Blasting off with the melodic masterpiece “How We Rot”, dead horse once again demonstrates why they are among the best crossover-thrash-core bands ever to crawl from the bayous. With crisp clear vocals, pulsating drums, forceful bass and the wailing tight guitars, this album will leave you ridden hard and put up wet.

One of the album’s most distinguished songs, “Gifts of Eden” pivots to a rhythmic and more refined atmosphere for dead horse. Exploring the origins of humanity, the song builds up into a monument of torment, anguish and fire...

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BLOODY FALLS – New Music Video Released

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New heavy metal band BLOODY FALLS  from Valkeakoski, Finland is crashing the metal scene with its fresh and modern music, that’s dark and heavy as hell. The musicians are experienced and welded together with long history together and from other bands.

The first debut single ‘Thanatos’ from the upcoming album was released with a music video on Friday 11.8.2017. Second single ‘Amongst the Living Dead’ is to be released between September and October.
In the end of the year a full length album will see the light of day.

Check out the video here:
Band photo and logo:

Band Members:
Tanawat Thongprem – Vocals
Stavros Mathios – Guitar
Marko Mäkinen – Guitar
Tuomas Niska – Bass
Eero K...

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DEADHORSE – Seeking A Record Label

In this modern age of social media, digital audio, and streaming video, with screen time out pacing scene time, we asked: What could a record label do for us? Releasing our 1st self financed cassettes and LPs in the 1980s (1989) allowed our music to rapidly crawl from the bayous of the chemical coast, to the far off lands of South America, Canada and Europe. Not long after that we signed with Big Chief Records which allowed dead horse music to flow through Metal Blade to Warner Brothers to worldwide distribution.

Well those days are gone for Us and unfortunately gone for a majority of labels as well. So much has changed since those days, however one big thing has not...

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CHRIS CORNELL: Expert: Not Enough Damage To Door Latch!

TMD has obtained what is undoubtedly the most damning expert testimony to date in the ongoing
death investigation for late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell. The expert locksmith and former 28 year veteran of law enforcement who was contacted directly on the phone, confirmed after being shown a visual demonstration of the damage (or lack thereof) done to the door of room #1136 that there is foul play involved.

If Martin Kirsten, the bodyguard hired to protect Chris, actually kicked through the hotel door to force
entry as he claims this expert offered the following response:

“I would expect more visible damage around the latch area, whether or not the deadbolt was thrown.”

So that proves in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt that Martin Kirsten is not telling the truth when it c...

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With a highly anticipated new album “I Labour” releasing on the 14th July 2017, there’s more good news from the Truth & Its Burden camp. The band  have just been confirmed as official support for American deathcore heavyweights Chelsea Grin’s Johannesburg show.

 16 August 2017 at Newtown Music Factory (10 Henry Nxumalo St, Johannesburg)Tickets are available via  Computicket and for R500Tickets prices go up to R600 on 01 August 2017 and remain the same at the door if here are any left.Pre Party Info:

Chelsea Grin was originally formed in 2007 by Alex Koehler and former band mates under the name Ahaziah. They are signed to Rise Records and have released two EPs and four full-length albums.

The band’s ...

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DEADHORSE – Joins TMD’s Lethal Roster!

American metal act, deadhorse, blend thrash with a variety of music to produce an aggravated, interesting and increasingly literate crossover material. Texas Heavy Metal will never disappoint and deadhorse remains an institution to that tradition. They are heavy, crazy fast, locked on to blow your mind, to cut your breath and drive you insane. deadhorse have two basic ingredients which make them so special; great drums faster than a tornado and awesome bass sounds, mixed together with speed and rhythms that augment an explosive style deemed “horsecore”. You may feel skeptical about it, but once you’re auditable mind comprehends the addiction that drives the “horsecore”, you will understand what Texans have been proud of for the past 24 years.

The shock hook jazzy rhythms are omnipresen...

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SOLFERNUS – Premiere New Single

Czech´s blackened metal gang SOLFERNUS presents the song called “Ignis~Dominion”. This is one of ten songs from the new not yet titled album which will be released in Fall. The new, 2nd album of SOLFERNUS (featuring two ROOT members in a line-up). More details along with another videoclips will appear soon. Check it out and play it loud!

 Video SOLFERNUS “Ignis ~ Dominion”


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It seems rather strange that Chris Cornell would hang himself with a piece of workout
equipment when he clearly stated in an interview with ESPN back in 2013 that he did not prefer to use machines (equipment, etc.), confessing instead to being more into isometric exercise, where no equipment whatsoever is used.

Question: So you decided to get back into shape. What did you do?

Chris: I prefer not to use any machines. I focus a lot on cardio, which is what I do when I’m on stage. I also am into isometric workouts…

(Pictured: A Typical Isometric Workout)

Well if Chris did not use equipment of any kind during a workout then who did the red elastic workout band that was found around his neck belong to?

Was it perhaps the property of none other than the bodyguard Martin Kirsten?

And doesn’t ...

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CHRIS CORNELL – Was He Being Abused By His Wife?

TMD has learned that back on Feb 6, 2017, a cryptic post was shared via the late Chris Cornell’s official Facebook account. It read:

“He is a worried Moon and is afraid of what is to come.”

Although they are lyrics from one of his solo songs entitled “Worried Moon”, it’s now believed that the troubled rock star was suffering from both serious emotional and physical abuse in the final year of his life. Don’t worry, TMD has strong evidence to back up this claim.

Was Chris Cornell trying to send everyone a message before he died on May 18th in Detroit after a SOUNDGARDEN concert?

Or was it someone else who posted that message?

It is not yet known if Vicky Cornell did have access to her husband’s profile at that time but looking at how Chris Cornell’s Facebook account has been taken over comp...

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VICKY CORNELL – Remote Activated Lights Signaled Chris’ Murder?

Over the past few weeks since the world learned of the tragic death of SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell, 52, the rock industry has been turned upside down trying to come to grips with the loss of one of its greatest all time talents. Cornell’s music sales have jumped 2,400 percent since the sad new broke and while fans continue to mourn, skeptics of Vicky Cornell’s version of events remain steadfast in direct opposition to the recent ruling on the case as ‘suicide’.

Now that it has been established via TMD’s closer inspection of the autopsy that Chris had over half a dozen rib fractures at the time he died, it’s obvious the late musician suffered extensive internal injury not typically associated with the ruling of ‘suicide by hanging’.

How could a body “partially suspended” from a ho...

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