SOLFERNUS – Premiere New Single

Czech´s blackened metal gang SOLFERNUS presents the song called “Ignis~Dominion”. This is one of ten songs from the new not yet titled album which will be released in Fall. The new, 2nd album of SOLFERNUS (featuring two ROOT members in a line-up). More details along with another videoclips will appear soon. Check it out and play it loud!

 Video SOLFERNUS “Ignis ~ Dominion”


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It seems rather strange that Chris Cornell would hang himself with a piece of workout
equipment when he clearly stated in an interview with ESPN back in 2013 that he did not prefer to use machines (equipment, etc.), confessing instead to being more into isometric exercise, where no equipment whatsoever is used.

Question: So you decided to get back into shape. What did you do?

Chris: I prefer not to use any machines. I focus a lot on cardio, which is what I do when I’m on stage. I also am into isometric workouts…

(Pictured: A Typical Isometric Workout)

Well if Chris did not use equipment of any kind during a workout then who did the red elastic workout band that was found around his neck belong to?

Was it perhaps the property of none other than the bodyguard Martin Kirsten?

And doesn’t ...

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CHRIS CORNELL – Was He Being Abused By His Wife?

TMD has learned that back on Feb 6, 2017, a cryptic post was shared via the late Chris Cornell’s official Facebook account. It read:

“He is a worried Moon and is afraid of what is to come.”

Although they are lyrics from one of his solo songs entitled “Worried Moon”, it’s now believed that the troubled rock star was suffering from both serious emotional and physical abuse in the final year of his life. Don’t worry, TMD has strong evidence to back up this claim.

Was Chris Cornell trying to send everyone a message before he died on May 18th in Detroit after a SOUNDGARDEN concert?

Or was it someone else who posted that message?

It is not yet known if Vicky Cornell did have access to her husband’s profile at that time but looking at how Chris Cornell’s Facebook account has been taken over comp...

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VICKY CORNELL – Remote Activated Lights Signaled Chris’ Murder?

Over the past few weeks since the world learned of the tragic death of SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell, 52, the rock industry has been turned upside down trying to come to grips with the loss of one of its greatest all time talents. Cornell’s music sales have jumped 2,400 percent since the sad new broke and while fans continue to mourn, skeptics of Vicky Cornell’s version of events remain steadfast in direct opposition to the recent ruling on the case as ‘suicide’.

Now that it has been established via TMD’s closer inspection of the autopsy that Chris had over half a dozen rib fractures at the time he died, it’s obvious the late musician suffered extensive internal injury not typically associated with the ruling of ‘suicide by hanging’.

How could a body “partially suspended” from a ho...

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RED REIGN – Tour Dates With QUIET RIOT, TESLA Announced

Richmond, Virginia-based rockers Red Reign specialize in a sound that recalls vintage rock and metal acts of the mid to late ‘80s, as evidenced by their just-released self-titled EP, which features the single “Not That Way.” So it will undoubtedly be a perfect fit when the group (which features singer/guitarist Carlton “Bubba” McMichael, guitarist Stevie Shred, bassist Larry Moore, an drummer Sammy Lee) opens a show on June 23rd with Quiet Riot, and three shows from August 3rd-5th with Tesla.
“WOW, we are so excited to join Quiet Riot for a show in Lynchburg, Virginia,” says Sammy Lee. “Seeing Frankie Banali for the 1st time was unbelievable to me as a drummer. I loved his booming sound and will now get to see and hear it up close and personal...
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FORCEPS – Streaming New Tracks, Seeking Label

FORCEPS is a 4 piece Death Metal band based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born in 2006. Two neck wrecking tracks from their upcoming full length are available for streaming, find them HERE and HERE.

During the past decade the band made several shows in Brazil and released two DEMOS and one EP. Despite sometimes of inactivity due to changes in the lineup, the band kept its presence in the minds of local and international fans because of its identity and originality.

Musically influenced by elements of various Death Metal sub-genres such as Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore and Technical Death Metal, bringing in their lyrics a catastrophic vision of the future in a world ravaged by human action. A voracious critique of humanity’s relation with itself and with the planet in today’s world...

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SHADOW OF INTENT – Release New Lyric Video

West Hartford, CT symphonic deathcore outfit, Shadow of Intent, have teamed up with the awesome folks at Metal Injection to premiere their lyric video for an all new track entitled ‘The Catacombs.’ The brand new track, which features guest vocal performances from Jason Evans (Ingested) and Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator) is taken from their forthcoming highly anticipated, absolutely crushing sophomore album, ‘Reclaimer‘, which is set to be released on April 28, 2017.
Head on over and check out the lyric video for ‘The Catacombs‘ at

Reclaimer‘ sees the band maturing and progressing, further developing their own signature sound...

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COCYTE – Full Length Album Details Revealed

Death horde COCYTE turned heads with their Suffocate Now demo in 2011, quickly followed by the New Breath EP in 2012 and follow up Asylum 2013. The Belgian band is one that can be hard to pigeon hole, cited as too death metal to be a deathcore but too deathcore to be death metal… but whatever they may be labelled, the end result is always the same and is nothing short of devastation. With a steady release history augmented with regular appearances across a multidude of venues in major European cities, todays incarnation of Cocyte is a well focused outfit, polished and oiled an inch from its death. Testament to that is the band’s latest release and first full-length The Human Disease, mixed by Christian Carvin and mastered by Alan Douches (Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Cannibal Corpse, Nile)...

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BLOODGOD – New EP Released

Dutch metal moloch BLOODGOD, featuring (former) members of Disquiet, Hymir and Nuestros Derechos, have released a new EP called ‘Catharsis’. The band’s second studio recording is now available through various digital music platforms, and as CD.

Five brand new tracks were recorded and mixed at Mass Audio Studio in the Netherlands, and mastered by Grammy nominated engineer Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Mercenary, Volbeat, Pestilence, etc) in Denmark.

The artwork depicts ‘t Schrickelik Tempeest’, meaning ‘the horrible tempest’ in old Dutch. It refers to the song with the same title and lyrics about the violent storm of August 1, 1674 that hit the episcopal cathedral in the band’s hometown Utrecht and turned it into


To facilitate you, ‘Ca...

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MIRRORS OF OBSIDIAN – New Album Announced

Irish extreme progressive metal act MIRRORS OF OBSIDIAN have just announced the will release their second studio album, “From One Form” on May 10th, 2017. To accompany this they have released a teaser video on their YouTube page which features an unheard audio snippet.

The eight-track album, recorded by the band at their own Dublin based Megatech Studios, was mixed by guitarist Eoin Ennis and Mastered by Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh. Singer Ciaran Ennis has described the sound of the album as “fast and aggressive modern metal with progressive elements”.

There have been two singles released from the album so far, “Neutral Disease” and “The Core”, both of which are available to download free from the band’s bandcamp page...

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