THE BLACKEST GREY – Self-Release Debut Album

The Blackest Grey have released their self-published album ‘Banners for the Blind’ on October 1st 2016. The album is mostly an in-house production, but produced together with Aborted guitar virtuoso Mendel bij de Leij. The Dutch progressive metal band includes members of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen’s ReVamp and Anneke van Giersbergen’s VUUR, but has chosen to play mercilessly heavy music in contrast to the before-mentioned musical projects. This to match their uncompromising disappointment in, and disdain for modern social trends, religion and socioeconomic issues. Though there are beautiful melodies, impressive guitar solos and progressive parts, paired with stanzas filled with hope, the aggression of their music prevails...

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TRIBULANCE – Seeking Bookings And Label Interest

TRIBULANCE… sounds like: Judas Priest, Avenge Sevenfold, Megadeth. Based Out of Tucson, AZ.

The band’s manager Anthony Vidal submitted the act to TMD with the following comment:

“I’m  Looking to Help the boys along, with their newly released album… “The After Math Of Lies”.. Attached is a sample song Link. If your interested, the band is looking to advance in the industry, Looking for bookings, etc, I can send you a EPK if your interested?”


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2 IN THE CHEST – To Open For LORDI, Announce ‘The Awareness Tour’

2 IN THE CHEST has issued the following update: “Our last show in the valley and we are opening for LORDI. Wow! what a cool show to be apart of. Believe it or not we have been trying to get a show with these guys for over 5 years. “

On a more important note:
Some of you know and most don’t. We are dropping our lives and changing direction towards helping people with our performances. A plan of building a self sustainable community for the homeless Veterans. A place they can receive the services they need to become a productive part of society.
On this same tour “which by the way is going to last until we are unable to tour anymore” is to raise money to gain the exposure and signatures to get a bill on the floor to get more funding for autism...
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SUNLESS – Streaming New Track

As Minneapolis-based technical/avant-garde death metal trio SUNLESS prepares for the release of the “Urraca” debut full-length in late February, today the advance track “The Ancient Ones” has been unleashed online.

Sunless reinterprets influence from pioneers of extreme, dissonant metal, such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, and Deathspell Omega through an abstract lens that is all the band’s own, boasting a prominent rhythm section, a scattered assortment of time signatures, interwoven and complex arrangements, and bellowing death growls.

The new album was tracked by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis (The Crinn, Ambassador Gun, Maeth), and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves in Queens, New York.

Listen to “The Ancient Ones” HERE.

“Urraca” will be ind...

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URBAN VITAMIN – Sophomore Album ‘Ekphrasis’ Out Now

Pretoria, South Africa based alternative metal band Urban Vitamin have just released a crushing new album “Ekphrasis”

Formed in 2008 by members, Cobus Nigrini, Rick De Villiers, Neville Botha, and Cicero Carstens. In 2014, Ricky Dunningham took over on drum duties after Rick De Villiers left to complete his PhD in Durham, UK.

Known for their intellectual lyrical content, experimentations with sub-genres of metal, alternative, rock and electronica, all which are showcased in a well-balanced fusion in their intricate song-writing.

                               “You’re waking up what could be left                                     

 Under this lock, beneath this latch

What devils wait inside this box…”

 In 2010 the band released their debut...

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THROTTLEGOD – To Play At City Limits In February

THROTTLEGOD, from Rock Springs, Wyoming (USA), is booked to play a show at City Limits in Provo, Utah on February 11th with other rocking support acts!!

Throttlegod is a heavy metal playing power trio hailing from Rock Springs, Wyoming. ( yeah its not our fault…most of us were born here 😜) Throttlegod was officially formed in April 2014 although frontman Don Rizzi and former drummer Jared Mitchell have been jammin together since oct 2008 in 2 other bands. Corey Larson came aboard in april 2014 and left Throttlegod in Feb. 2016. Recently in November of 2016 Rizzi recruited local Drummer Bob Shalata and Bassist Seth Goodrow.


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NUNCHUCKER – New Self-Released Album Coming To Vinyl

NUNCHUCKER’s new album “Motherfucker Superior” is slated to release in February via vinyl format only on their own Tragic imprint. More word from the band:
“It’s Europe only at the moment but our brothers n sisters everywhere else can get mp3’s or order vinyl through our website.”
 TRACK LIST – vinyl












London’s own Hardest Rockers NUNCHUCKER represent a bridge between the Classic Rock of cherished memory and a new fresh take on those roots of Rock and Heavy Metal.

Genre-less, their songwriting craft is without peers in our era.

It takes in PUNK, SLEAZE, BOOGIE, GREBO, STONER on its merry way ...

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Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen To Release New Solo Album

Finland’s Elmo Karjalainen will be self-releasing his fourth solo album, “Age of Heroes”, on
February 3rd.  

“Age of Heroes” is an instrumental guitar album in varied styles, but with
a focus on progressive guitar rock. It is a guitar shred album, but it’s
played with feeling. The album also features guest performances by Derek
Sherinian (known for his work with Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy
Idol, Alice Cooper etc.), Mattias IA Eklundh (of Freak Kitchen), and the
winners of Yngwie Malmsteen’s 2016 Guitar Gods competition, Janne Nieminen
and Emil Pohjalainen.” – Elmo

You can listen to 4 songs from the album here to see if it’s something
you’d be interested in:

“Elmo Karjalainen is a guitar player from Finland, rated as one...

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PSYCHOMANCER – Wins TMD’s 2016 Battle Of Unsigned Bands Contest


In 1996, Duston Bullard was asked to join a band called “Laid To Rest,” a four piece metal outfit. Within a few months he learned all their material, and just as they were ready for shows the guitar player, and the vocalist decided to leave due to personal differences, leaving Duston, and drummer Damon Smith to seek out other avenues. Duston (at the time doing bass/backing vocals), and Damon began the hunt for musicians. They quickly added guitarists Brad Calkin, and Kevin Cochran, and shortly after introductions, Shawn McCormick was added to the line up as lead vocalist.

Duston brought the name “PSYCHOMANCER,” to the table, and it was then in 1997, that they began to write, what would be their first demo album, “Amidst The Smell of Rotting Corpses...

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