DEADHORSE – Horsecore Video Release

One thing that all of these videos have in common, besides dead horse, is the great dead horse team of Mike Lucas, Garrett McCall and Tim Gerron. These 3 individuals have contributed greatly to the resurrection and rebirth of dead horse, for many years prior to and since 2011. Along with the great Art of Craig Holloway (Pasadena Napalm Division, Making a dead horse LIVE and The Beast That Comes) dead horse has created a new legacy to rival that of the original quartet (1988-1994).

Breaking of Spirit:

Mike Lucas, along with Alpo, have laid out all of the releases since 2011: Making a Dead Horse LIVE (DVD), the Loaded Gun (EP), BOILs (2016 Edition), Day of The Dead Horse (2 CD Anthology) and the new “The Beast That Comes” LP & CD...

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MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

I have uncovered more damning evidence that implicates the U.S. government in outright murderous treason against its own citizens. I will prove without a doubt, based off forensic science and other irrefutable facts, that the Las Vegas Massacre was a CIA MK Ultra operation that involved two shooters, not one.

As well, I will prove once and for all that the CIA is also involved in the murder of late SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell.

I believe both operations have been carried out as part of the ‘fear based mind control’ agenda that the shadow government, also known as The Illuminati, put in place back in the nineteen fifties to psychologically control the masses as part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER...

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ROCKET REVIEW: DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” (CD)

Houston, Texas heavy metal act, DEADHORSE, has self-released a new album in 2017 entitled “The Beast That Comes”, a rocking collection of twelve tracks that will surely find its way to the top of many critics list of best metal albums in 2017. Kicking off with the slamming “How We Rot”, that throws down an absolutely killer groove, thanks to the awesome rhythm section of bassist Allen “Alpo” Price and drummer Ronnie Guyote. There is even a well placed guitar solo that helps take it to the next level for sure...

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DEADHORSE – New Album Track-By-Track Breakdown

“The Beast That Comes”

An Interpretation by Singer Argo

I have always felt that the interpretation of a song is up to each individual that hears it. You listen to a song, read the lyrics, and immerse yourself in the music and you will come away with what the song means to you. Quite honestly when I was asked to write out the meaning of each song on the new Deadhorse album, The Beast That Comes, I was taken off guard because I’ve never been asked to do that, but once given the task I decided to take it seriously. My approach was to try to clear my mind, listen to each song, and try to interpret them the way that a fan would. That is a difficult process...

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DEADHORSE – CD Release Show Details & FREE T-Shirt Contest!

* Contest / Promotion = All Customers that make a purchase at Www.Horsecore.Net by midnight September 22nd will be entered to win 1 of 3 Free Dead Horse “Circle of Vultures” T-Shirts ~ Drawing will be held on September 23rd (no minimum purchase/ 1 entry per purchase/ Winner will be contacted to verify shirt size).

** Details on CD Release Show:
w/ Deadhorse, Byzantine, Slim, Carry the Storm

Sat, September 30, 2017
Scout Bar ~ Houston, TX
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

** Dead Horse is direct support
CD Release Show Link:

*** Presale Link CD: Ships when purchased

***** Presale Link: LP/ V...

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ROCKET Interviews Allen Price Of DEADHORSE

ROCKET: Where were you born and raised?

ALLEN: I was born and raised in Pasadena Texas, a suburb of South Houston. The same man that delivered me delivered my daughter there 22 years later. I was born in the same hospital my mother passed away in. Was a small town back then but now is in the underbelly of Houston.

ROCKET: Did you grow up in a family with a musical background?

ALLEN: My father played clarinet as a child and sang and played piano. Could not really keep time all that well though. But he was a skilled dental surgeon and mother was a dental hygienist, not musical at all. However, my mother had a great since of humor and was really my support system as far as music was concerned...

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DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” Album Coming Sep 15!

The long awaited follow up to the 2014 “Loaded Gun” E.P. is here. DEAD HORSE prepare to drop “The Beast That Comes” September 15th on their own brand. “The Beast That Comes” has fangs and blood red eyes. Blasting off with the melodic masterpiece “How We Rot”, dead horse once again demonstrates why they are among the best crossover-thrash-core bands ever to crawl from the bayous. With crisp clear vocals, pulsating drums, forceful bass and the wailing tight guitars, this album will leave you ridden hard and put up wet.

One of the album’s most distinguished songs, “Gifts of Eden” pivots to a rhythmic and more refined atmosphere for dead horse. Exploring the origins of humanity, the song builds up into a monument of torment, anguish and fire...

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BLOODY FALLS – New Music Video Released

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New heavy metal band BLOODY FALLS  from Valkeakoski, Finland is crashing the metal scene with its fresh and modern music, that’s dark and heavy as hell. The musicians are experienced and welded together with long history together and from other bands.

The first debut single ‘Thanatos’ from the upcoming album was released with a music video on Friday 11.8.2017. Second single ‘Amongst the Living Dead’ is to be released between September and October.
In the end of the year a full length album will see the light of day.

Check out the video here:
Band photo and logo:

Band Members:
Tanawat Thongprem – Vocals
Stavros Mathios – Guitar
Marko Mäkinen – Guitar
Tuomas Niska – Bass
Eero K...

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DEADHORSE – Seeking A Record Label

In this modern age of social media, digital audio, and streaming video, with screen time out pacing scene time, we asked: What could a record label do for us? Releasing our 1st self financed cassettes and LPs in the 1980s (1989) allowed our music to rapidly crawl from the bayous of the chemical coast, to the far off lands of South America, Canada and Europe. Not long after that we signed with Big Chief Records which allowed dead horse music to flow through Metal Blade to Warner Brothers to worldwide distribution.

Well those days are gone for Us and unfortunately gone for a majority of labels as well. So much has changed since those days, however one big thing has not...

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