Rock Springs, Wyoming death/thrash act, DESTRUCTION OF DECENCY, throws it down with a vengeance on this jamming EP that offers 8 seriously pissed off, ‘punch you in your face really hard’ tracks titled “Out Late”. The band is fronted by lead vocalist Tyler Malicoate, and this dude definitely has the ‘death growl’ working for him killer and sounds totally vicious. Kicking off with “Next Victim Of Mine” and the chaotic title track “Out Late”, the next track is my personal favorite, “Infectious Disease”. Up next is the punk pissed “Painsayer”, “Blinded”, and “Butcher Brothers”. The album concludes with the rocking “Phobias” and “Condemned”. Any supporter of independent metal music should definitely add this one to your collection and keep an eye on this band in the future for sure.


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Report: CHESTER BENNINGTON, Decapitated Kids & The Tunnels

CHESTER BENNINGTON, Decapitated Kids & The Tunnels

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors appointed a new coroner to take charge of “an agency that has been plagued by autopsy and toxicology backlogs, staff turnover and the near loss of its national accreditation.”

Dr. Jonathan Lucas, 49, the chief deputy medical examiner in San Diego County, reportedly began his new position in Los Angeles on July 10 at a salary of $350,000.

When I made my recent request with Vanessa Gastelum, Chief of Public Services for the L.A. morgue, I fully expected the autopsy report to be ready to be sent to me immediately, of course after I secured the $28 fee for a certified copy. Which I did. Over a week ago.

Yet, the L.A...

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DEATH BY FESTIVAL – October 28, Lineup Includes DEADHORSE!

Scaring is caring. When the inaugural Death By Festival splatters the walls and shakes the foundations at the North Door this weekend, this hybrid horror film/heavy music festival will raise funds for Austin Pets Alive! and the Greater Houston Community Foundation. But make no mistake, that big heart is still full of entertaining evil.

It will be a sealed room of mayhem, with 13 hours of ghoulish cinematic creations, interwoven with music from the darker side. Fest co-founder Susie Winfield said, “We went back and forth on, ‘Do we even call this a festival? Is the concept of a festival that there are multiple things happening at the same time, at different places?’ We said, ‘You know what? It is a festival. It’s a full day.'”

There’s a historic resonance here...

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DEADHORSE – Horsecore Video Release

One thing that all of these videos have in common, besides dead horse, is the great dead horse team of Mike Lucas, Garrett McCall and Tim Gerron. These 3 individuals have contributed greatly to the resurrection and rebirth of dead horse, for many years prior to and since 2011. Along with the great Art of Craig Holloway (Pasadena Napalm Division, Making a dead horse LIVE and The Beast That Comes) dead horse has created a new legacy to rival that of the original quartet (1988-1994).

Breaking of Spirit:

Mike Lucas, along with Alpo, have laid out all of the releases since 2011: Making a Dead Horse LIVE (DVD), the Loaded Gun (EP), BOILs (2016 Edition), Day of The Dead Horse (2 CD Anthology) and the new “The Beast That Comes” LP & CD...

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MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

MARILYN MANSON Demands: “You Say GOD & I Say SATAN!”

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

I have uncovered more damning evidence that implicates the U.S. government in outright murderous treason against its own citizens. I will prove without a doubt, based off forensic science and other irrefutable facts, that the Las Vegas Massacre was a CIA MK Ultra operation that involved two shooters, not one.

As well, I will prove once and for all that the CIA is also involved in the murder of late SOUNDGARDEN front man, Chris Cornell.

I believe both operations have been carried out as part of the ‘fear based mind control’ agenda that the shadow government, also known as The Illuminati, put in place back in the nineteen fifties to psychologically control the masses as part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER...

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ROCKET REVIEW: DEADHORSE – “The Beast That Comes” (CD)

Houston, Texas heavy metal act, DEADHORSE, has self-released a new album in 2017 entitled “The Beast That Comes”, a rocking collection of twelve tracks that will surely find its way to the top of many critics list of best metal albums in 2017. Kicking off with the slamming “How We Rot”, that throws down an absolutely killer groove, thanks to the awesome rhythm section of bassist Allen “Alpo” Price and drummer Ronnie Guyote. There is even a well placed guitar solo that helps take it to the next level for sure...

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DEADHORSE – New Album Track-By-Track Breakdown

“The Beast That Comes”

An Interpretation by Singer Argo

I have always felt that the interpretation of a song is up to each individual that hears it. You listen to a song, read the lyrics, and immerse yourself in the music and you will come away with what the song means to you. Quite honestly when I was asked to write out the meaning of each song on the new Deadhorse album, The Beast That Comes, I was taken off guard because I’ve never been asked to do that, but once given the task I decided to take it seriously. My approach was to try to clear my mind, listen to each song, and try to interpret them the way that a fan would. That is a difficult process...

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DEADHORSE – CD Release Show Details & FREE T-Shirt Contest!

* Contest / Promotion = All Customers that make a purchase at Www.Horsecore.Net by midnight September 22nd will be entered to win 1 of 3 Free Dead Horse “Circle of Vultures” T-Shirts ~ Drawing will be held on September 23rd (no minimum purchase/ 1 entry per purchase/ Winner will be contacted to verify shirt size).

** Details on CD Release Show:
w/ Deadhorse, Byzantine, Slim, Carry the Storm

Sat, September 30, 2017
Scout Bar ~ Houston, TX
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

** Dead Horse is direct support
CD Release Show Link:

*** Presale Link CD: Ships when purchased

***** Presale Link: LP/ V...

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ROCKET Interviews Allen Price Of DEADHORSE

ROCKET: Where were you born and raised?

ALLEN: I was born and raised in Pasadena Texas, a suburb of South Houston. The same man that delivered me delivered my daughter there 22 years later. I was born in the same hospital my mother passed away in. Was a small town back then but now is in the underbelly of Houston.

ROCKET: Did you grow up in a family with a musical background?

ALLEN: My father played clarinet as a child and sang and played piano. Could not really keep time all that well though. But he was a skilled dental surgeon and mother was a dental hygienist, not musical at all. However, my mother had a great since of humor and was really my support system as far as music was concerned...

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