It seems rather strange that Chris Cornell would hang himself with a piece of workout
equipment when he clearly stated in an interview with ESPN back in 2013 that he did not prefer to use machines (equipment, etc.), confessing instead to being more into isometric exercise, where no equipment whatsoever is used.

Question: So you decided to get back into shape. What did you do?

Chris: I prefer not to use any machines. I focus a lot on cardio, which is what I do when I’m on stage. I also am into isometric workouts…

(Pictured: A Typical Isometric Workout)

Well if Chris did not use equipment of any kind during a workout then who did the red elastic workout band that was found around his neck belong to?

Was it perhaps the property of none other than the bodyguard Martin Kirsten?

And doesn’t it seem really odd that not one word has been heard from the bodyguard since May 18th?

Where is he? Why has this man not been spotted one time by paparazzi? Google his name. For the past half dozen years his face is plastered walking around the entire planet, shopping with Heidi Klum, guarding other celebs, leaving his fancy pad, etc. Now we can’t find the guy to save our own lives?

That doesn’t seem strange to any of you? Is he being hidden in a bunker out in the mojave desert?

Why won’t he show his face? What does he have to hide? Maybe a lot more than we could ever imagine.

 Was he was secretly shipped off unbeknownst to authorities far away where nobody could find him and he just plans to sit there until the heat goes away? He did already answer police questioning.

The key would be for Detroit PD to call Kirsten back in for another interview. And this time, however, why not bring Vicky Cornell in at the same time and keep her in an isolated room and then have them both tell their stories? They would both be quite desperate in that moment to match up timelines, wouldn’t they?

Considering Vicky keeps changing her story to the media more times than anyone mourning a loved one under suspicion now of foul play should ever do, undoubtedly the “Pretty Noose” could
start to tighten around her neck if she isn’t careful.

And the mother-in-law recently tweeted out what is essentially a threat after ranting on and on
about how her family is being attacked negatively online since Chris’ death:

Toni Karayiannis posted this strange tweet on June 6th:

“I hope bad energy goes away now from trolls who try to split family! You can’t! They 2smart& u Too dumm sick individuals I’m coming after you.”

The day before she tweeted this:

“Who can disagreed that Chris Cornell and Vicky were not soul mates?Videos letters are all here for the world to see!Uhis fans know first hand”

Besides having the worst grammar skills of anyone in the history of the internet, it’s as if Toni is working hard to sell the narrative that the Cornell marriage was not in jeopardy as most believe.

And then going further back eight months ago to November 2016, there is a very suspicious looking tweet that clearly was not actually posted by Chris. It looks to be another one by Vicky made to look like it came from him.

Happy birthday to @ToniKaras the best mother I could have ever wished for!!!

Does Chris look happy in that photo?

TMD recently revealed info from a source who claimed Chris Cornell’s death was a high level orchestrated hit because he was getting too close to PEDOGATE and was potentially helping blow the lid off of it soon.

Ready for the shocker?

Is there a possible link between the late rocker and what is turning out to be the most
explosive news story emerging in the 21st century?

Nonetheless, it is TMD’s theory that Chris knew his killers. That is why he let them in the room that night.

As the story goes, Chris Cornell became a Paris restaurateur in 2006 along with his wife, Vicky (a Paris-based publicist), and brother-in-law Nicholas Karayiannis (aka DJ Nick Blast), the offspring of a renowned New York restaurant exec.

The Paris restaurant named Black Calavados (pronounced cuh-LAHV-uh-dos), was described as a “restaurant-slash-bar where you’re going to hear rock music.”

Nicholas Karayiannis himself killed a person once and did not serve any time.

“You can kill my sister but it’s unimportant because money talks,”

…said the victim’s sister after the verdict allowed him to get away with no punishment.

It’s no secret that Chris Cornell was well known to have been a powerful child’s rights advocate, particularly those who suffered abuse. Chris was involved with several different foundations that dealt with exploited kids.

 Horrifying revelations about both Pizzagate and Pedogate continue to produce such shocking details about ‘systematic child trafficking, child sexual abuse, child pornography, child snuff films production, child organ, tissue and blood harvesting’.

Last year Seth Rich (a DNC staffer, head of their computers) died suspiciously after allegedly being murdered for leaking explosive PEDOGATE information to Wikileaks.

Is it possible that Chris being so high profile of a figure with immense influence in society may have put him in the cross hairs of a skilled killer hired by an elite client tied directly to PEDOGATE?

Fox and Friends featured the shocking allegations as “bombshell new evidence” on their  program this year. Rob Wheeler, a former D.C. police homicide detective who was hired by Rich’s family, pointed to evidence on a laptop used by the DNC employee.

Wheeler also stated for the record  that he “sensed a cover-up in the investigation, and cited anonymous police sources, who claimed there was a ‘stand down’ on the case.”

Fox News also shared an online article about the “explosive details in the Rich case”. The news outlet spotlighted how a “federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer…said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.”

    Just months before he died, Chris Cornell took this photo with Hollywood A-List Star, George Clooney, at the premiere of The Promise film premiere where Cornell announced he was donating all proceeds from the song to the International Rescue Committee.


   As U.S. Attorney named Acosta reportedly negotiated an unprecedented plea agreement for Jeffrey Epstein in what is now known as one of the most greatest miscarriages of justice.

Epstein hired a dream team to represent him and pleaded guilty to a state charge of soliciting minors for prostitution.

He next registered as a sex offender in Florida and agreed to pay damages to 40 female victims ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old. As part of the plea agreement negotiated by Acosta’s office, Epstein wouldn’t be charged in federal court — even though the feds had drawn up a proposed 53-page indictment that carried potential punishment ranging from a mandatory 10 years in prison up to a life sentence.

“The Government and Epstein conspired to conceal the NPA (non-prosecution agreement) from the victims to prevent them from joining any objection, and to avoid the firestorm of controversy that would have arisen if it had become known that the Government was immunizing a politically-connected billionaire and all of his conspiracies from the prosecutions of hundreds of federal crimes against minor girls.”

(Source: The Shameful Way Feds Protected Convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein)


Why was this allowed? There appears to be one reason — above all others — as to why this case was handled in such a disgraceful manner that defies all logic. That reason involves Epstein’s “black book” which was kept by his butler Alfredo Rodriguez.  The many names in that “black book” read like a list of the ‘who’s who’ in the land of the rich and famous. Here are a few names:


Queen Elizabeth

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

Edward de Rothschild

Evelyn de Rothschild

David Rockefeller

David Blaine

Tony Blair

Michael Bloomberg

(Source: Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book: A Sampler)

“The Lolita Express”, Chris Cornell and The Clinton Hit List

Flight logs show that from 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed “The Lolita Express” by the press, 26 times to the US Virgin islands.

Keep in mind, Courtney Love’s closest friend is none other than Vicky Cornell.

Love’s late husband, fellow grunge rocker Kurt Cobain, was found dead from a ruled ‘suicide’ back in 1994 and there are many experts who followed the case closely that believe foul play was covered up.

One thing’s for sure… TMD does not believe this case is going to go away anytime soon.





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