2 IN THE CHEST – To Open For LORDI, Announce ‘The Awareness Tour’

2 IN THE CHEST has issued the following update: “Our last show in the valley and we are opening for LORDI. Wow! what a cool show to be apart of. Believe it or not we have been trying to get a show with these guys for over 5 years. “

On a more important note:
Some of you know and most don’t. We are dropping our lives and changing direction towards helping people with our performances. A plan of building a self sustainable community for the homeless Veterans. A place they can receive the services they need to become a productive part of society.
On this same tour “which by the way is going to last until we are unable to tour anymore” is to raise money to gain the exposure and signatures to get a bill on the floor to get more funding for autism. The majority of people do not understand the extremely high costs to care for an autistic child. (Velvet and Reverend) have an extreme autistic child.
We have a fundraiser going right now to raise enough money to start the tour. )n this tour we are raising 50,000 Pounds of Dimes and Quarters for the veteran community that will be built, the other half towards autism research while gaining signatures for the bill we want to get on the floor for more autism funding.
Head over to http://theawarenesstour.com there are links there to donate through PayPal or the Gofundme Campange we have going. We really need your help. “

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